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When you approach a venue, or a hotel to enquire about your Christmas party you are merely adopting their vision of what a Christmas party should be. They’re good at running venues or hotels so parties for them will be pre-prepared set menus for food, fancy drinks packages or ‘all you can drink’ bars, and if you’re lucky, generic acts such as circus performers, stilt-walkers or popup casino tables.


These venues or hotels aren’t experienced in showing appreciation to your staff and they certainly aren’t experienced in understanding your company’s ethos, ambitions and desire to reward and inspire your team long into next year.


You are not an ‘ordinary’ business, you have not got to where you are today by following the crowd, so why settle for a bland Christmas party that is being repeated night after night, when you can easily have one that celebrates your team and invigorates them for the future.


Hosting an inspiring Christmas party isn’t just about getting the right venue, food and entertainment. It’s about capturing the imagination of your staff, truly rewarding them with something special, and motivating them to start the new year filled with vigour!


Think about the number of times that you’ve successfully invested in team building activities where the aim is to get your staff out of the working day mindset in order to improve productivity and motivation. Your party is the perfect opportunity to benefit from this experience without them even realising.


Getting your team out of the office environment helps to remove the restrictive personal and political barriers in order to actually have fun and spend quality time building relationships and friendships. Why not use this to your advantage when planning the running order of the evening.


We live in a world where staff turnover and attrition rates have reached an all time high with workers becoming uninspired and having their heads turned each time the grass starts to look greener. This is possibly your biggest social event of the year so do not underestimate the value of getting this right and showing that you are serious to the very people who are responsible for the success of your business.